Tramlines 2018 Preview

Tramlines music festival is fast approaching with it set to overtake Sheffield from Friday 20th July - Sunday 22nd July.  Celebrating its 10th year, Tramlines is one of the UK's longest running inner-city music festivals attracting over 100,000 people into Sheffield in 2017. From what first begun as a mutli-venue festival which mixed outdoor stages [...]

In Review – 200 Degrees Coffee

Sheffield's Division Street got its newest trendy resident this month with the arrival of 200° Coffee extending their freshly roasted beans into the region.  Owners Tim Vincent & Rob Darby set-up the business from their obsession of coffee. Starting out as a small batch roaster in a garage, they then quickly expanded into the coffee [...]

In Review – Tabby Teas

Sheffield’s very own Cat Café, Tabby Teas offers a sanctuary to both cats and humans alike. Born through a love for animals and a passion for rescues, Tabby Teas teamed up with local charities Mill House Animal Sanctuary and Pet Samaritans to find a special group of 11 permanent residents. Tabby Teas aims to put [...]

City Guide – Malmö

Home to Scandinavia's tallest building and third largest city in Sweden, Malmö is increasingly emerging as a must visit multicultural hub. With one-third of the Malmö population from various other countries, the city is one of the most cosmopolitan in Sweden. This has contributed to a rich cultural life and many exotic and fine food opportunities. [...]

RiZE Festival brings Liam Gallagher and The Sterophonics to Chelmsford’s Hylands Park

RiZE Festival 2018 has officially announced it's first ever line up since overtaking the slot that V-Festival left behind following a successful 22-years in Hylands Park, Chelmsford. Liam Gallagher and The Stereophonics have been announced to headline the brand new festival which will take place at the iconic Hylands Park in Chelmsford on Friday 17th [...]

Tramlines 2018

Tramlines Festival launched today from their new site in Hillsborough Park. The celebratory move will mark the first Tramlines to be held on just one site. Which means the festival will have its biggest capacity yet at 40,000 people. This means more room on its weekend programme to include festival-style entertainment such as a comedy [...]

City Guide – Wrocław

Poland's fourth largest city and historical capital of Silesia, Wrocław (vrotz-waf), is bursting with culture and rich history just waiting to be explored.  At various times, it has been part of the Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Bohemia, Kingdom of Hungary, Habsburg Monarchy, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany before ultimately returning into Polish hands in 1945. Now the city is emerging [...]

In Review – TWENTY ONE

Tucked underneath Southend's worldwide famous pier, Twenty One cultural venue is quietly making waves among the population of just under 200,000. For many years the inhabitants and council of Southend have tried profoundly to bring some joy back into the 'Golden Mile', finally with the addition of Twenty One it slowly feels as if the [...]

In Review + reflections – Coffee Clothing Collective

The British love coffee, almost more than the Americans do. We love it so much that we get through over 2.3billion* cups of the stuff via any one of the 22,845* coffee outlets that are now helping us through our days. Taking up 54%* of the outlet share the leading chain coffee shops are expanding [...]

Botanical Sunday

After spending the first few days of our Morocco trip within the medina of Marrakech and the Sahara desert we decided to take the opportunity to slow the pace down and take a day to recharge. With that in mind we headed for 'Jardin Majorelle', located on Rue Yves Saint Laurent, some way outside the [...]

In Review – Bear + Wolf Café

Winner of Timeout London's "Love London" award for two years running, Bear + Wolf is a slice of Kentish Town excellence bursting with mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting more. Not only do B+W offer the most delightful open top sandwiches, but they serve some of the finest coffee available in Kentish Town. If [...]

The Sahara Adventure day2

Part one of this adventure can be found here. Now you might imagine a night in the desert to be filled with all sort of creepy insects but in matter of fact we hardly came across any wildlife. The most we probably saw was a couple of cats, one called "Shakira", and a dog that [...]

The Sahara Adventure

A morning of travelling saw us united with a group of fellow tourists as we made our way into the Sahara to spend a night under the stars. Mostly made up of Spanish speakers, Australians and Brits our group led by driver Mohammed, began the 8 hour journey into the desert. Taking us through the [...]

Medina Madness

I feel like it's an ever occurring pattern in my posts and perhaps that says something about myself but, my god, I needed that sleep. Refreshed and ready to go we headed down to the hotel café to grab our included breakfast. When booking hotels, no matter for how many days, I always make sure [...]

مرحبا المغرب Hello Morocco!

At last summer has fully embraced our half of the globe, a see of pale skin has captured the nation soon to be washed over in a pinky red. For me the arrival of summer has marked mine and Filip's first summer travels, exploring just beyond the EU in the desert lavished country of Morocco. Arriving [...]

How to get the cheapest flights

I tend to get asked how I manage to travel abroad so frequently & cheaply quite often, so to answer this I've put together this little step by step guide on how you can achieve the best deals on flights around the world. Be patient The cheapest flights and deals aren't about to jump straight [...]

Top Summer travel essentials

Summer is finally upon us which often signals escape of everyday life for many heading away on summer travels. It's always important to travel in comfort with key travelling essentials to ensure you keep yourself in the mix of travelling while getting the most out of the experience.  1 Water is life A decent sturdy [...]


Over the past 24-hours I have seen and overheard a great defiance against the terror that is now sadly being forced upon us. Along with Manchester, the whole of the UK is standing up in defiance in solidarity with those victims and family members of the devastating heartless attack that many unfortunately witnessed last night. [...]

Why not escape it all?

We've all had that moment, when you've just completed the same daily routine for the thousandth time. I'm also guessing that you've already tried to spice things up by changing your normal route or eating spiced avocado for your breakfast? But for some reason it's still just not cutting it for you. Which brings you [...]

Is the Marxist approach to media ownership and media audiences relevant in contemporary society?

Media ownership in today's contemporary society is often seen in major global conglomerates as many different media corporations branch out into the global marketplace. With this new global outreach it has created a much wider global audience ensuring that mostly every corporation can continue to expand globally. Karl Marx (1818-1883) believed that these very powerhouse [...]