Soaking up the sun

After a nice relaxing morning planning the rest of our week we headed out to my favourite sushi place appropriately named ‘Sushi Sushi’. Its relaxed atmosphere, good prices and the sizeable dishes for me make it stand out from large selection of Sushi places Vancouver has to offer.

From here we headed to Stanley park to spend some time on the beach and walk the sea wall. We decided to stay away from the busy beaches of English Bay and walk on a little further to 2nd beach, also ideal due to a number of amenities that are available from the nearby outdoor pool. Sunbathing for a few hours while also dipping into the cold water of the Pacific Ocean was a welcomed break from the city heat. Even though we are only a few minutes away from the city core the surrounding rainforest that Stanley Park offers creates a barrier allowing your mind to escape, staying largely at peace. Later on we passed the Lions Gate Bridge to rediscover its beauty. The very spectacular linkage between Vancouver Downtown and North Vancouver has an apparent similarity with Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Unsurprisingly as we learnt today it has been designed by the same architect and build engineer.

2nd Beach in Vancouver’s Stanley Park – Insta @filipkaleta

Walking the sea wall past many of Vancouver’s speculator views, soaking up more sun while harbour seals swim along side the shoreline it again reminds us what a beautiful slice of the world we are currently luckily enough to be in.

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