Time is precious

Banana pancakes with maple syrup were a great idea for breakfast… brunch… or maybe lunch? Well, it was past midday when we finally got around to eating them after a late night the previous day.

Another Canadian day begun for us and this time we decided to take it easy as it’s been a pretty busy week so far. We left home God knows what time – we didn’t really care, for us it was still early (while in fact it was probably around 2pm). We headed to the unvisited yet part of Downtown; starting with Vancouver Library – modern, impressive structure with clear reference to ancient Roman architecture – especially round colosseums. Taking the idea of a timeless building we also took our time to get around it, enjoying the lack of rush.

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Van library

We spent the rest of our afternoon fooling around to be honest with you. We visited a Cats Café briefly. We ate at a healthy foods bar. We saw the stadium. We visited used books stores. We wandered around Chinatown; as you do. We genuinely stopped a lot and were satisfied to find an indie, simplistic and chilled Propaganda Coffee within the streets of the little Bejing of Vancity, where we had some great cold brew coffee and a banana muffin (never enough bananas for a day).

Slowly discovering the surrounding streets we finally reached our evening destination – the old and stylish Gastown which at the end of 19th century gave rise to Vancouver as a city. If you can imagine an industrial, brick neighbourhood renovated and fed by tourists visiting many restaurants and eateries, then you won’t be fooled. We finally had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory – probably the best restaurant around for quality and value. For as little as $10-15 you get a three course meal and a tea or coffee with your dessert, if that isn’t a dream for you, then take me to you favourite bar… The old, somehow art deco finish of the interior also creates an aura of a place, which you would definitely strive to come back to.

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Gastown’s Steam Clock

The rest of the evening saw us having a typical after dinner walk, seeing some of Gastown’s impressive buildings. After all we headed back home for an early night and to embrace our energy for the following day’s road trip…

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