A stroll into the past…

Mid-morning I woke up to be spoiled by yet another delightful breakfast prepared by Filip. Fresh fruit, seeds and jam combined on top of Kasza Manna a form of milled wheat with a soft and sticky texture. After breakfast we headed towards ‘Nadodrze’ – adistrict of Wroclaw on its northern edge. Escaping the majority of major destruction during the war its architectural character largely remains untouched.  Its cobbled streets lined with nineteenth and twentieth-century buildings magically removed from the passage of time and placed outside the parenthesis – as if stuck in the snapshot camera.

Once we had reached Nadodrze the rain started to fall so we took shelter in the nearby coffee shop ‘Pomiędzy’. With a stylish retro feel throughout its decor, Pomiędzy which translates into ‘Between’ offered the shelter we needed from the rain, its classy interior out-rated the drink quality by far, not the worst but ironically being an okay cup of coffee somewhat in between on our scale of rating.  Now walking north through Nadodrze towards its train station, we came across a number of street art painted on the side of some of the more modern buildings, with this I thought it would be a perfect chance for me to capture a shot for my virtual passport of ‘Graffitied Cities

Wroclaw Nadodrze station is a building that is built from red brick unplastered with its presence referring to the architecture fashion of Nazi Germany. After World War II, in July 1945, station Nadodrze was the first who could take trains from eastern directions. The sheer presence of this dark building almost pulls your inner depression into thought, with the rain also falling, the ugly beauty of the building left a dull dry feeling with in. The first tram line- 1 –  launched in Wroclaw joined the station with the least ruined settlement of Wroclaw – Biskupin, it was this tram we briefly got before changing to another to head us back into the city centre. Although Nadodrze looks and feels like a snap shot of the past, it brings with it a rather run down feeling that was hard to escape, this may have been down to the rain but regardless I was ver much happy to return to Wroclaw old town.

Once back in the city centre we came across @Nanan_patisserie a delight that fulfilled every single cake dream that you could ever imagine and one that deserves its own blog post, so over the next week or two expect to see my first of many weekly reviews of some of my favourite café and restaurants to visit. For the rest of the evening we headed home for dinner and lazed around in front of the open fire flickering its warmth around us, protecting us from the harsh cold that was descending on the night. 


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