Do następnego razu Wrocławiu

Till next time Wrocław

If you’ve been following my posts over the past week you would have now already guessed that I’m obsessed with a good cup of coffee. So you can imagine to my delight that our morning was to be started with me and Filip taking his nan and sister to our favourite coffee spot, Etno Café. With us all bundled up protected from the cold, we snaked our way through the city centre on one of the many blue trams that often line the streets. Then in the presence of a large transportation junction, we took our seats in the window of Etno, the world continued around us outside, mothers where walking children to school, commuters were running for their connecting tram and the cities cars flowed freely out into the suburbs. 

The coffee was warm and inviting as always with our conversation frequently bouncing from English to Polish, Filip would translate for myself and his nan, helping to form the bond that grows with rapid pace each time we meet. There’s somthing about being able to take a moment within the world to stop and watch others, I even suppose we all get watched daily at some point, we wonder what everyone does for a living and then they wonder back of our lifestyle. We are all often the same, we just experience life differently, it’s these experiences and the adventures that we all encounter which ultimately shapes our attitudes towards ambitions, life and others. And if everyone could find their moment of relaxational thought as I do with coffee, then I believe we would all have a far better open mind of the world around us.

From our morning cup of frothy goodness we then headed back into Wrocław Old Town where we would spend the remainder of the day walking the cobbled streets, passing the grand stoned walls of Wrocławs university, stopping briefly  for  sushi rolls and macaroons all while wishing that our flight tomorrow morning would seem again so far away. The chimes of the many churches ringing out throughout the day, to the screeching of the trams combinded with the cheers of local buskers we took in every last piece of Wrocław we could. As one last attempt to experience Wrocław’s vast culture, the evening saw us attend a play performed by the performance diploma students of the fourth year of the Faculty of Acting Theatre School in Wrocław. The play titled ‘Szantaż’ (Blackmail) is based from the book ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Times’ by Elfriede Jelinek, mainly about the social determinism and the restless teenage battles of friendship by being excluded from a group. The play itself was very pleasing to the eye, the staging and use of props/costumes could easily spark one’s imagination. Although performed in Polish and myself not being able to understand the plot completely, I still managed to maintain a lose sense of what was happening throughout the performance as the acting was highly perfessional and easy on the mind.

That one last outting of Wrocław’s rich culture signalled the end of our time, we headed back home, desperately trying to pack all the great memories that have been made, already planning our next return, promising to never be a stranger of its majestic cobbled streets.


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